About Us


PLAYBALL offers sport and movement programs to improve gross motor skills and refine sport techniques. Our programs are age-specific to progress cognitive, emotional and social development throughout the early years of childhood.  We pride ourselves in offering small classes to create a productive learning environment.


PLAYBALL is progressive:

Children progress from an informal introduction to ball and motor skills to more structured sports participation.


There is more focus during the younger years on motor development (muscle tone, dominancy, bilateral symmetry and mid-line crossing) and motor skills (coordination, balance, timing, spatial orientation). As the foundation to movement is established, students begin to learn the fundamentals of the following sports: TENNIS, HOCKEY, SOCCER, VOLLEYBALL, BASKETBALL, AND BASEBALL.


PLAYBALL is educational and result based:

Positive coaching methods are used to develop life skills like independence, self-confidence, courage, discipline, concentration, listening skills, good sportsmanship, responsibility and social interaction.  Weekly newsletters are sent to inform families the life and sport skill taught that week.


Classes are divided by age and include age-specific objectives that develop within the course of the year.


PLAYBALL is professional and specialized:

Research and development teams have refined the program for over 20 years and continually upgrade the contents presented. Coaches are trained every 12 weeks to make use of specialized coaching methods and specially designed equipment.


PLAYBALL is international:

This concept has been successful all over the world and is currently teaching children in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, UAE, Switzerland, Cyprus, Mexico and Southern Africa.